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Unplugged Slovenia – 2010-2011

In 2010, Slovenian Institute for Research and Development UTRIP decided to implement and evaluate the Unplugged program in Slovenia. With the collaboration of OED, a non-randomized controlled trial was organized and conducted. On overall 2937 pupils of 44 schools and 155 classes participated in the baseline survey between October and November 2010. A first follow-up survey was conducted in May 2011 and a second in May 2012. The evaluation of effectiveness was performed on 2218 questionnaires finally available for the analysis. 

The Unplugged program was effective in reducing the prevalence of use of cigarette smoking (-45%), alcohol use (-65%), and drunkenness episodes (-48%). It reduced intentions to use in the next year and improved refusal skills towards cigarettes, alcohol and cannabis.


The Unplugged Slovenia project was granted by a fund of the UTRIP Institute.