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Sustainability and Impact

Ensuring the proficient implementation of Unplugged requires a strategic investment in training for teachers. Recognizing the pivotal role of teacher training in achieving high-quality Unplugged implementation, adequate resources must be allocated to equip teachers with the necessary skills. Commitment of people, time, and resources is indispensable for the realization of this objective.

To ensure a consistent supply of quality teacher trainings, it is recommended to establish a pool of certified trainers who can deploy across various regions in the country. These trainers, proficient in delivering sessions in their native language, serve as the backbone for nationwide training of teachers. Additionally, the presence of a master trainer is advised, capable of progressively training more trainers, ensuring the sustained implementation of Unplugged.

Consult the training protocol for detailed insights into how teachers and trainers undergo training in line with the EU-Dap Faculty approach. This document is limited to costs for training teachers, trainers, and master trainers.

Investment for Training Teachers

When organizing a workshop for teachers (and trainers), meticulous consideration must be given to various costs. Depending on the circumstances, some costs may be flexible, such as accommodation, subsistence, and travel costs for teachers. Travel costs and accommodation for teachers may vary based on the location’s population density and distance traveled. These costs can often be further reduced, especially if the venue is provided free of charge by a school, government, or teacher training institute.

Other costs should be regarded as fixed costs, and they include:

  • Fee for the EU-Dap Faculty master trainer.
  • Travel expenses and accommodation for the master trainer.
  • Cost of booklets and quiz cards for each teacher.
  • Catering for workshop participants, including coffee breaks.
  • Infrastructure for training workshops (classroom, markers, flip charts)
  • Travel for teachers (if applicable)

Calculate for a group of 24 

Investment for Training Trainers of Teachers

It requires 4 teacher training workshops to train and certify a trainer of teachers:

  1. participation in teacher training workshop + selection
  2. observation of training workshop methodology + Q&A
  3. co-training workshop + feedback
  4. solo delivery under supervision + feedback

The EU-Dap Faculty master trainer advises the selection of candidate trainers based on demonstrated understanding of prevention, didactic skills, and future training potential.

Note that 24 teachers are simultaneously trained during each workshop, leaving 96 trained teachers after 4 workshops. The EU-Dap faculty master trainer ensures training quality while the training of trainer’s process in all steps.

Investment for Training a Master Trainer

A master trainer is expected to coordinate the training of teachers and the organization of training workshops in the country. The master trainer can maintain the quality of the workshops and train more trainers. It is recommended to allow time for gaining experience in organizing and delivering teacher training before transitioning from a teacher trainer to a master trainer.

Two additional workshops, guided by an EU-Dap Faculty international master trainer, are essential for certification as a master trainer.

  1. Observation of training of trainer + Q&A
  2. Supervised training of trainer + feedback

Note that 24 teachers are also trained during each workshop. For the most accurate and up-to-date cost estimates, always consult with EU-Dap Faculty. Their expertise ensures a thorough understanding of real training costs, aiding in better financial planning to refine project applications or funding requests.