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Training of Master Trainers

A master trainer is a trainer who can train candidate trainers during teacher workshops with the method as explained above. The national master trainer is also expected to coordinate the group of trainers. It is advisable that the candidate master trainer facilitated some teacher training workshops before this next step. The training as master trainer generally needs 2 more steps and is like the training of trainers.


1. Observation workshop

The candidate master trainer observes a workshop with a candidate trainer. The observation focuses on how the master trainer coaches, corrects, instructs, supports the candidate trainer before, during, and after each workshop day.

2. Supervised training of trainer of teachers

The candidate master trainer gets instructions to take the lead in the training process of a candidate trainer. The master trainer observes, coaches and instructs the candidate master trainer on how to correct, instruct, coach and intervene with the candidate trainer during the teacher training workshop. The candidate master trainer takes the lead in feeding back after each training day towards the candidate trainer. The international master trainer adds and corrects.

The candidate master trainer drafts the training report for the candidate trainer and the international master trainer adds or makes corrections to the report before sharing with the candidate trainer.

The international master trainer delivers a detailed report on the candidate’s master trainer performance in training trainers and certifies if satisfactory.